Basic Poker Etiquette

When we start to learn about poker we usually learn it from home or from some of our friends. We all get to spend time, chat, and enjoy a good game of poker in a really some what say a relaxed environment since we're surrounded by people we really know.

Though that may be the case the rules on poker etiquette still apply when we play poker games at home with friends and family. Though in this particular social situation, etiquette becomes more of manners than a specific set of rules that everyone would be obliged to follow like in a tournament.

Since you'll be playing poker games you'll most likely have some food or drinks while playing. One piece of etiquette we should readily mention is to manage your space on the table. Don't leave a huge mess around. Remember to avoid spills, especially on the table.

Be polite, especially to the host who lets you play poker. Limit the chatter, some of your friends might like to think on what to do next. When you do talk refrain from criticizing anything and avoid swearing. And if ever you do win, remember to be modest.

When making your bet, never splash the pot, it may not exactly be perceived as being rude it makes figuring out who's bet is who's very difficult when chips are cluttered all over the table. It is better to announce your move since you can expect a lot of chatter throughout the whole game.

Chips and cards that have been discarded should be placed as far as reasonably possible so that your dealer won't have a hard time dealing the cards. When you discard your cards be kind to the dealer and do it at a low level so cards don't go flying around. Another reason for doing that is to avoid your buddies peeking at your cards. We can't expect your home poker dealer to be as good as professional casino employees.

At the showdown avoid mis-declaring your hand. If you can't recall which hand you have then ask the dealer or any of your friends for help. Another good way to do this is to just lay down your cards and let the dealer figure it out. Avoid rabbit hunting, asking what cards might have come up, is usually improper poker etiquette during the showdown.

These are the rules on etiquette when playing poker. Most of these rules concern good manners while on a gaming table. This is a great time to hang loose and really have fun while playing poker.


The Roving Rounder