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ANNOUNCING THE NEW KING OF KINGS TOURNAMENT. Your always invited, 210-639-1116


Weekly NLTHE Poker games.
Text us 210-639-1116 anytime :)
We are the Best "Game" in Texas!
Serious Poker Players, Do you attend the best game in San Antonio or Austin?
Do you have the best dealers?
Do you have the best hostesses, players and environment in Austin or San Antonio? If not, Then come play our 1-3/$100/min weekly events. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday @ 7pm sharp we will hold a strong $100 freeroll into a top notch 1-3/$100 charity game. 2 HDTV's, Free Food, drinks, full bar, and a great staff! There goal is to make you comfortable all night.Your support is what makes our venues the best places to practice and enjoy NLTHE in Texas! Play Strong,
Txt. 210-639-1116 anytime.
Call 210-390-1788 after 5:30pm

Poker is a game of skill it's also an art-form! With many card games you rely totally on the luck of the draw - if you have a good hand you win, if you have a poor hand you lose. Poker is entirely different!
Even with an unfavorable hand and some skillful bluffing it is very possible to win. With a good hand - one can even use strategies to keep others betting and increase their winnings. It is the one game where if played well the player can and will consistently make money.
Welcome to San Antonio's premier poker club. We wish you the best of skill! "Play Strong"
A.C.P.C. CEO-Founder
Feel free to call me with comments or questions.
(210) 639-1116


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